Hi and welcome to the Kirk Biycles website!
This website came about following my fascination with the Kirk mountain bike and its unique design. I used to own a black Kirk Revolution and had very few problems with it (apart from being stopped all the time by curious passers-by). After a few years I decided to upgrade and modify the bike and the results were posted on my personal website, along with some of my other projects. Then, in 2005 I received an email from Frank Kirk himself, asking if I still had the bike and whether I would consider selling it. That took me by surprise, but a meeting was arranged and both the MTB and Racer were sold to a good home. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this site, feedback is always welcome, as is any further Kirk information.
I do have a number of Kirk Revolution front mech hangers available, but sadly I've run out of the ones for the rear.
Thanks. Simon Haydn.
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