Some interesting videos from the late 80s covering interviews with Frank Kirk, Phil Liggett, Phil Anderson and Steve Poulter. There's even the bike crush test on Tomorrow's World and a brief appearance on Wacaday.

Video 1 - Kirk Precision promotional video
A typical promotional video from the 80s, complete with cheesy music! It covers some of the testing programme the Kirk underwent in 1986, including stress comparisons with steel frames and brittle lacquer testing held on a disused airfield.

Video 2 - Tomorrow's World bike crush
From the iconic Tomorrow's World, a clear demonstration of the Kirks strength in comparison to a conventional steel frame.

Video 3 - Interview with Phil Liggett and Phil Anderson (TVM)
A very frank interview and look at the Kirk Precision as it was used in the Tour of Britain, including the modifications made and needed.

Video 4 - About Anglia and Steve Poulter
A news report covering the Kirk Precision story, including interviews with Steve Poulter and a bike crush test.

Video 5 - Wacaday
Timmy Mallett rides the Kirk Precision on Saturday morning TV - a chance to relieve your childhood memories!

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